Слънчева масонска лампа

Слънчева масонска лампа

Мейсън Jar Слънчев капак Осветление Струнно окачен фенер с LED захранващ консервен декор


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Описание на продукта

декоративен низ светлинаелектрически крушкии батериязахранващ LEDниз светлинаsнаразлични видове да се посрещам Вашият потребностизаMason jar светлина.

Слънчеви панели: Монокристал

Battery: 1*NI-MH 200mAh AAA батерия

LED Тип: 10 бял светодиод

Материал: стъкло

Solar Mason Jar Light

solar mason jar светлина is perfect заany location as they require no electricity, just simple sunсветлина да се charge.,Built in светлина sensor so that it auда сеmatically turns on in the evenings и turns off in daytime да се conserves the charged energy. Just look at these images и imagine our LED Mason Jar Lights on Вашият table да сеps or hanging in the air during the ceremonies. Create the beautiful, romantic atmosphere you и Вашият guest come да се expect from a modern Wedding. Suitable заindoor or outdoor use, each mason jar is madeнаthick glass и includes our patented LED Mason Jar Lid built with 10/15/20 Fairy LEDs which are attached да се a thin copper wire да се create the dainty, whimsy appearance you see here. Equipped with an easy On/Off switch и notched hиle, these батерия powered Mason Jar Lights can be used on the ground or hanging in the air да се illuminate trees, patios, gardens, pathways or other lиscapes. Pair this with our unique Mercury Glass Votive Cиle Holders, Plate Chargers, и Table Confetti да се create the modern и chic look заВашият event or special day. Our mason jars are stиard sizes, so feel free да се use them заcrafts и Вашият DIY projects. Add lace ribbons да се match Вашият vintage theme и/or Burlap заthe modern rustic chic style. With a little bitнаcreativity, you can come up with all sortsнаmason jar ideas да се add the perfect да сеuch да се Вашият event.
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